Full Breath Solution Sleep Appliance

Full Breath with adjustable wire tail. Can be bent longer & down to depress the tongue and stop snoring and open the airway for more O2.    

These pictures show the flexible tail bent down at 2 different angles to depress the tongue and made bent longer to open the airway.

Short tail bent down 30 degrees. Done slowly for ease of adaption and allow for non-gagging.

Tail lengthened and bent down 45%. With most patients, they become acclimated to tail and bending lengthening can be done to a maximum.

This Full Breath appliance works without forcing your jaw forward. With mouthpieces that force your jaw forward, you could experience jaw or facial pain, and the bite could be thrown off and become uncomfortable. The Full Breath fits your mouth in your normal bite so these side effects don’t occur.

Are you CPAP intolerant? Have you been treated with an appliance that jammed or jutted your jaw forward up to half an inch? Did it cause you problems?

No matter how bad it is, no matter what treatments you have tried in the past, your sleep problems CAN BE IMPROVED using the Full Breath Solution from this Center. Call 818-702-6002 or use our on-line information request to find out how you can take advantage of the Full Breath Solution and handle sleep problems.

Full Breath Solution 02 with Expanded Tail
O2 Concentrator and Tubing for FBSO2 Connection

O2 exits tubes and deposited at opening of airway. 

O2 tubes receiving O2 from concentrator.

The first image is an oxygen concentrator. The other pictures show the tubing that connects the concentrator to the Full Breath O2.