A history of the development of the Full Breath Solution.

Why and how it was developed?

In 2001, an attractive lady came into my office, despondent and crying. She was about 40 years old and had started snoring when she was 36. As a result of snoring and Sleep Apnea, she had no energy; she was constantly fatigued. She lost her job because she was continually too exhausted to work.

She went to a doctor and he put her on a CPAP machine. It was effective for her as well, but she, just like so many others, could not tolerate wearing the CPAP on her face all night. She could not sleep at all with it on!

Subsequently, she tried one of the mouthpieces existing at that time but found she could not tolerate the bulk or the jaw being forced forward of it.

She endured four years of frantically looking for answers, and by the time she came to see me, SHE was taking Prozac and told me she was ready to commit suicide. You can imagine how much I wanted to help her.

Using a diagnostic computer, I had an ability to see her airway volume. I made an appliance to set the bite for maximum air intake.

A week later she returned to the office crying. The snoring, exhaustion, and headache problems were not relieved. She was more distraught than ever and was losing hope that anything would ever work.

There was no way I’d give up on her. I thought long and hard, trying to come up with something different, something that would work more effectively. It was common knowledge in the field of sleep medicine that the tongue could fall backward and block the airway.

It occurred to me that none of the current mouthpieces had any way to hold the tongue down! So, I developed an upper retainer, but also ran two wires across the back of the mouthpiece to try to restrain the tongue.

As time went on, it became clear that the tongue was not just falling back during sleep. It was also pushing upward, blocking the airway. No mouthpiece had ever been designed to handle this problem!

With this in mind, I carefully designed a new device that would not only hold the tongue but also keep it from pressing upward.

She returned three days later, the tears replaced by an appreciative smile. She reported that she had been getting the best sleep she’d had in many, many years!

That was all the encouragement I needed. I refined and documented my design and production techniques. I obtained my first patent, followed by an FDA clearance. I had developed the smallest and most effective mouthpiece available. I am proud and pleased to share this breakthrough with you!

Dr. Bryan Keropian

“I carefully designed a new device that would restrain the tongue from pressing backward and upward and thus keep the airway open.”