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Keropian Develops the Mona Lisa of dental sleep appliances.

The Full Breath Solution 02 Appliance

3 years ago I stumbled onto Otto Warburg MD on the internet. He was a Jewish physician in Hitler’s Germany. He received a Nobel Prize for research showing that low levels of oxygen in the body, hypoxemia, can lead to increased bacteria, virus, and cancer.
Dr. Bryan Keropian

When hypoxemia occurred, the body turns acidic, and Dr. Warburg’s research also revealed that in acidity cancer, infection, and virus flourished.

Additional research revealed that abundant O2 in the body eliminated or reduced all cancer, bacteria, infection, and virus. And the body went from acidic to non-acidic (alkaline). This is the key, what can we do put us in a position for optimum health?

With Warburg’s genius as my inspiration I designed a new appliance that had two tubes attached and ran from the front of the appliance to the back, right in front of the uvula and the airway, at the back of the throat.

We connected the Full Breath appliance to an oxygen machine and it can now deliver low pressured 92% oxygen to the body. Our clinical studies revealed pushing the average oxygen level to 95%-99% in 94% of the users.  Here are pictures of the Full Breath without and with the oxygen tube.

Full Breath With Flexible Tail & Oxygen Tubes

This is the Full Breath appliance with the new adjustable wire tail. This viewed from the biting surface of the appliance. The two wire wings between the back of the mouthpiece and the end of the tail are bent by the dentist to make the tail longer if needed. (red arrow). And the oxygen tubes can be seen here. (white arrow).

We now meet Dr. Warburg’s goal of abundant oxygen. We treat and eliminate or reduce the apnea and snoring with either of the two Full Breath appliances, without oxygen or with oxygen. As dentists treating apnea we get the spillover effect of oxygen eliminating numerous health maladies.

We treated the founder and CEO of the largest independent space testing lab in the world. We got great results. He spoke at my seminar for dentists and MDs about his treatment with using the Full Breath O2 and the oxygen computer. We were filming this for a webinar. We have the short highlights of his talk. See the video below of this U.S. space leader.

“I have been using the Full Breath and believe I will keep myself in excellent health and keep away from the MDs.”